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James Sherwood



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This imaginative tale follows Quentin, a curious child from the planet Gliese who discovers a book titled "Earthlings" he finds that the people on earth look just like him but act very different.

As Quentin tries to understand why humans fight and have communication problems, he has a heart-to-heart conversation with his father about the evolution of humanity and the infinite opportunities to pursue one's dreams. "Planet Storyland" inspires young readers to think creatively and trust their instincts, while promoting the value of independent thinking.

With lively illustrations and engaging storytelling, "Planet Storyland" is the perfect way to help your child expand their horizons and discover their passions. So why wait? Add "Planet Storyland" to your child's bookshelf today and open up a world of possibilities!

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel Black

As a Activation Guide who integrates psychology and spirituality, as well as a motivational speaker, I was excited to read "Planet Storyland," a children's book that embraces the values I hold dear. Through its enchanting tale I found the book to be encouraging for young readers with the message to always trust your inner curiosity. It fosters a spirit of empowerment, that guides you to question the world around and I would recommend to all children or adults! I also had the pleasure of meeting the author at my Movie Premier "Zodiac Crush," and he is so lovely! He truly cares about this book making a positive impact in the youth and I 111% agree! Give your kiddos this expansive and educational book (:

Great story

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Planet Storyland. I loved how he developed the story with Quentin finding about the Earthlings to his conversation with his father about their take on life. I hope that anyone who reads this book enjoys it as much as myself and family have. Looking forward to finding out what Quentin really discovered when he visited Planet Earth.

Sue Vallone
Leading to better communication skills!

Planet Storyland will capture your attention and keep you engrossed throughout the narrative. The story places an importance on being curious, thinking deeply, and the significance of writing down our own thoughts. By promoting these skills, the book suggests that our communication and interactions can be greatly improved, leading to a better overall way of life. This book will leave your child pondering and engaging in meaningful discussions, just as the main character in the book did with his own father. Planet Storyland will surely resonate with readers of all ages; the message is that good!

Zoe Manning
A story that leaves you feeling warm

My girlfriend showed me this book she bought and lent it to me and I felt inspired to leave a review. I’m not much of a reader but this short tale left me feeling good for the rest of the day

Mollie Kent
I want the Earthlings book!

I can’t stop wondering now if there truly is a book about us humans somewhere on another planet?? I mean there must be, I can only imagine what it says!